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Hi Down There by GTPanda

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Souls don't die by Friendlyfoxpal
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Link and Zelda_^3^ by Iwama-chan
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EXPERIMENTS ~ Chapter 22
Frick, darn, dang, geez, ugh, Were the only words that Kylie could chant inside her head as she forced her tiny car to gears it disagreed with. Much like her gas pedal being stuck to the floorboard, her own back was stuck to the leather seat, drenched with nervous sweat. Both her hands were clutched at ten and two, fingers white as she held to the steering wheel. The necklace hooked around her rearview mirror swung around madly as she careened along the spindly coastal road. She had to get to “the rendezvous point” as quickly as possible. Even though her car could out speed a giant, she refused to get there too late and discover that something had gone wrong.
This time, only four months ago, Kylie, Paula, and Arthur had devised their plan to get Gavin out of the experimenting lab. As soon as he’d been given a goal to achieve and a purpose to live for, the accidental giant had really stepped up. His vitals had improved as well as his relationship with Kylie. He
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Mature content
Tight Spaces :iconpocket-eco:pocket-eco 14 4
This ends tonight. He promised her he would make things right and he was a man of his word. Now if he could only figure out how. He kept hidden in the dark passages behind the walls, waiting for the right moment to move. Keeping track of the glowing light beyond the door, in this world the sun never rose and the only light came from the over sized moon that hung in the sky. Bright and unmoving. It shined on a massive complex of white pearlescent buildings reminiscent of ancient Greece that had been carved into the side of a mountain. Aside from the moons light, numerous pillars that contained a softly glowing light illuminated the many outside walkways. Lights that he was waiting for to dim, singling the arrival of sleeping hours.
With no working watch he couldn’t tell how long he had till then, all he could do was wait and try not to nod off until it was safe to traverse the halls. Thoughts of his beloved medic filled his mind as he unconsciously fussed with the makeshift weapon
:iconnscmseiyaryu:nscmseiyaryu 6 6
Don't Trust the Cake by Friendlyfoxpal Don't Trust the Cake :iconfriendlyfoxpal:Friendlyfoxpal 173 197
Autumn nights
“Where will you sleep?” He asked, superiorly, gazing at the forest floor around them, after carefully choosing his own spot, which was both dry and sheltered, squinting as the autumnal light fled fast. She padded here and there, pretending to inspect the ground, as a critic might examine a work of art, before finally meandering back, and promptly falling down on top of him- which wiped the smirk off his face to her vast amusement, replaced by a blushing one which made her chuckle. She snuggled into his shirt, fitting perfectly on his huge chest.
“I’ll sleep here,” she said in a superior tone, “it’s far more comfortable than the rest of the ground, I’m sure.” It was a bold move, however correct her statement was; he was so warm. And autumn nights were cold. Despite this irrefutable logic, she couldn’t look into his face, still scared of the rejection it might hold. She tried to reassure herself, reminding her head she’d d
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The Wizard and his fairy
Rhoslyn was just an average fairy... Nothing really all that special, especially compared to other magical beings. At least, that was how she saw herself... She never really saw herself as important or anything, and she never really had what you would call close friends. Not until she met Gwyddno. Ordinarily, Fairies kept only to their kind, or animals, and normally she would not associate with a wizard either, particularly one as old and powerful as Gwyddno. It had been quite by chance that she had come to be with him, but she would not trade it for anything in the world now. She could not deny that she had been frightened of him at first, what with his enormous staff, ark, flowing robes, and long silver hair. Not to mention the fact that even to humans, he was of quite an impressive size, and to a fairy, that size was only made larger... She had been scared in the beginning, and very hesitant to get near him, let alone come with him, but after time had passed, that had faded, and she
:iconmicronekogirlpur:MicroNekoGirlPur 8 21
Happy [late] Halloween by Phantom-HotShot Happy [late] Halloween :iconphantom-hotshot:Phantom-HotShot 24 8
My tiny little friend (Pocket!John) Ch2
Hi everybody and thank you for your little reviews ! I am happy to know people like my fic :')
Here is the 2nd chapter ! Enjoy~~
Chapter 2 –Everything begins-
The morning, John woke up at 10 a.m. It was the first time for months that he had a night that long. Not any sound of gunshot, nor an awful insect climbing on his back while he was freezing on the floor. In Sherlock's scarf it was warm and comfortable, he felt like a little puppy (a corgie in fact). With his eyes closed, he could almost have forgotten that he was 5 inches tall, but it wasn't easy as he heard something next to him, therefore he opened his eyes and saw someone's face looming over him.
"What the hell?!" he shouted, getting up and looking up at the man,
"Who the bloody hell are you?!" he yelled, he was astounded and chocked. The man was wearing a suit and carrying an umbrella, weird though, it was sunny outside. The suit-man grinned:
-"May I ask your pardon?" John said with widened eyes.
-"Ah, sor
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The Secret World of Arrietty by nirman The Secret World of Arrietty :iconnirman:nirman 118 7 Gift by Avafaidian Gift :iconavafaidian:Avafaidian 25 16 Nice and Cozy by Friendlyfoxpal Nice and Cozy :iconfriendlyfoxpal:Friendlyfoxpal 134 78 Whispers by blu-ion Whispers :iconblu-ion:blu-ion 511 82 Sasha n the fairy by darkmello Sasha n the fairy :icondarkmello:darkmello 4,295 400 Do you need a Treat? by justencase Do you need a Treat? :iconjustencase:justencase 96 7 Giganta Towering by Mrlex303 Giganta Towering :iconmrlex303:Mrlex303 14 1

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So welcome to Inspired-GT! A group where you can submit things after any time you've watched a movie, played a game, saw a TV show or read a book and said to yourself, "I wish this had some or more GT in it!" Feel free to browse and enjoy! But please, for literature, only opening chapters please!! :-) And yes, GTS is approved, but please be tasteful. Absolutely no vore or dehumanization is permitted in this group.




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